Bienvenu Akogbedji AÏSSAN

Secretary General


  • Master in Management
  • Master in Corporate Communication
  • Management in Business Administration
  • Management in Development Project Management
  • Professional license in corporate communication

Academic Experiences

  • March 2017 - Present : General Coordinator Perfect Timing Holding Africa General Coordinator ATAFOM University International
  • March 2021 : Development of studies of anti-Vector struggles in the health sector
  • October 2021 - Elaboration du Manuel de procédures des oeuvrages d’assainissement en milieu Rural
  • February - September 1999 :  Coordonnateur de la recherche de l’immunité bilharziose- SIDAS
  • Head of the sanitation sector at the Ministry of Health
  • 2012 ; Resignation from public office

Other Qualifications

  • Mastery of Drinking Water Supply and Basic Sanitation Techniques (HealthMinistery)
  • Training on the theme: Water Supply and Sanitation Program. (PPEA2)
  • Training on the management of the water support and ASSNISSENT program in rural areas (PADEAR)
  • Training on the technique of Latinization in Wetlands (DANISH)
  • Training funded by UNICEF on children in rural areas
  • Elaboration of Developmentprojects for PLM Benin
  • Development of sectoraldevelopmentprojects for the HealthSector in (Africa (World Bank Funding)
  • PPEA2 projectcoordinator (DANIDA funding)
  • Managers of Water and Sanitation Equipment in the HealthSector PPEA2-Projektkoordinator (DANIDA-Finanzierung)
  • Manager von Wasser- undSanitäranlagenimGesundheitssektor

Computer Skills

MS Office90%
Internet & Email90%

Professional Profiles

  • Initiative
  • Facilitating the Mobilization of Financial Resources
  • Communication Skills

Language Skills