Details About How To Apply

If you would like to study at ATAFOM University International, which focuses on a diverse range of courses for students regardless of origin, religion or worldview, you have come to the right place.

We do not use any formal criteria to select students. We review the application of each individual applicant, both academically and personally, in order to select students who want to lay the foundations for successful work in the world by studying at ATAFOM University International.

ATAFOM Language Certification - ALC

The ATAFOM Language Certification – ALC is a certification program of the ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA that issues international language Certifications that are Recognized and accepted by International Universities and Institutions as well as Government Agencies and global Players.


We have described all the necessary information on the ATAFOMALA website. Should you still have any questions, please send us an Email and Arrange a Telephone Appointment.

Please leave your phone number, WhatsApp etc and we will get back to you

Bologna Process

ATAFOM University International will achieve and Meet the Bologna Criteria as soon as Possible


ATAFOM University International Plans to Participate in the ERASMUS Programs in the Foreseeable Future.

Academic Requirements

The application is currently only accepted for online studies.
All application documents are only submitted online.
To do this, the following necessary documents must be submitted using the registration form:

  • Registration form with personal details and details of the chosen field of study:
  • Proof of higher education entrance qualification ( highest school leaving certificate or other equivalent qualifications) notarized;
  • Identity card / passport notarized;
  • passport photo:

The documents submitted will be assessed by the ATAFOM study committee, and any missing documents will be requested online.

In the case of a preregistration for the study, an online invitation to the level test by the ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA follows.

Fees and Financing

The final admission takes place after the registration and tuition fees have been received by ATAFOM University International.

Fees in USD Payment
Registration fee incl. English level test 320 One time
Tuition fee Dependig on the chosen bachelor’s course  
Semester exam fee 250 Per Semester

All information about the payment matters will be given with the payment request.

Where should the required documents be submitted?

All documents that are required for the application for the course are uploaded using the registration form.

When To Apply?

Submission of the online application:
Upload the registration form including all files
Examination of the application documents;
Confirmation of notation with a request to pay the registration fee
Confirmation of receipt of payment of the registration
fee and sending of the access data for the Level
test English by the ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA


a) The test result with the assignment to the bachelor’s degree study or the language academy
b) The request for payment of the tuition fee
c) The notification of enrollment with the
necessary access data for the ATAFOM Online Campus

Payment of tuition fee
Beginning of Academic Year with the Winter semester

Where should the required documents be submitted?

All documents that are required for the application for the course are uploaded using the registration form.


ATAFOM Language Academy - ALA English

Dear future Language Students,
we are pleased that you are interested in studying at ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA.

Please fill out this Registration Form.

    Personal Data

    Contact Details

    Level Choice

    Upload Documents

    Upload NOTARIZED Identity card or Notarized Passport

    Upload Passport Photo

    ATAFOM University International provides access to higher educational degrees to young people all around the world

    Sakir YavuzFounder & President of the ATAFOM University International


    Do I need an English language qualification to apply for undergraduate study?

    The entire study operation will be conducted in English and 100% online because of the international orientation.

    The prerequisite for studying at ATAFOM University International is the minimum language level ALA-B1. Therefore, the English online placement test is carried out after applying to study at language level B1. This language test queries the current linguistic competence in the field of English and is used to assess the current and actual language level of the applicant. The duration of this language test is 20 minutes.

    For the student applicants who do not have sufficient knowledge of English, the ATAFOM Language Academy – ALA is offered, as a result of which the students receive the English language level in order to be able to attend the courses successfully, to understand the course content, to pass the exams and also internationally for professional purposes to be succesfull.

    When are Scholarships awarded to undergraduate applicants?

    Most Scholarships are awarded biannual. The approximate date by which decisions are expected to be made will normally be given in the scholarship information, as linked through the Fees, Funding and Scholarship Search.

    Can I apply for an undergraduate degree course if I am already studying at another university?

    The ATAFOM University International does accept applications from students who are currently studying at another university, but if you wish to follow an undergraduate course here, then you need to apply to start the course from the beginning of year 1. Your full academic record would be taken in to account in your application, including your Proof of higher education entrance qualification ( highest school leaving certificate or other equivalent qualifications) and study at university level, so we would need evidence of your performance on your university course.

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