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Faculty of Economics

Every day, the economy is gaining more space in our lives. Everything runs with, through and under the control of the economy.
School, work, progress,enjoyment, vacation, and pretty much everything is determined by the economy.

The ATAFOM Faculty of Economics has developed a curriculum together with internationally experienced, successful economists, professors and institutions, which is intended to train economists, futurists and leaders from the ATAFOM students.
The ATAFOM professors and lecturers have the global experiences and successes that ATAFOM students want and will pass on.

Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in International Business Development (B.A.)

Dr. David Nightingale
Greetings from Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Prof. Dr. David T. Nightingale

Dear All,

It is a pleasure to be speaking from the position of the Dean of the Economics Faculty at the AFATOM University.

I do look forward to empowering all young people and all prospective students with knowledge of how Economics can improve their quality of life and Standard of Living both in the Developed World and those countries that act as Primary Producers to support the Means of Production.

We believe our course will teach Real Economics and teach our students how to go into business and how to finance an operation with the full cooperation of the Government, NGOs, Central Banks, National Banks, and Advisory committees. We also intend to teach them a  good grounding in banking History and National and International Law.

It is our intention to integrate the lessons and axioms of economics and provide real-world paradigms that will be passed down from Professor to Student and have a positive impact on the domestic economy as these truths become self-evident, and self-proving as the economy prospers. 

As teachers, our contribution will be to deliver the POC (Proof of Concept) and POV (Proof of Value) that an egalitarian education in contemporary  Macro and Micro Economics will benefit and add value to our student’s educational journey to empowerment and understanding. 

I invite the new intake of students to familiarise themselves with the current curriculum and take some time out to do some general research and possibly send us any questions that they may have at this stage. We will of course provide reading lists prior to enrolment in the semester, but it would be good to see where our student’s imaginations take them at this early stage of the process.


Kind Regards,

Prof. Dr. David Nightingale

  • Banking
  • Economic Policy
  • Financial Sector Management
  • Quantitative Finance

We look forward to counting you among our first students!