Assoc. Prof. Dr. Codjovi Julien AÏSSAN


Julien Codjovi AÏ SSAN is a public health doctor, successively specialized in health and development, then in health promotion and the environment. He has a perfect command of the intermediate and operational levels of the health pyramid, and has actively contributed over the past ten years to the development of policies, strategies and guidelines for monitoring and evaluation of interventions in the health sector in Benin. He was one of the pioneers of the “Thematic Working Group (TWG) approach as tools for coordinating and strengthening the health system in Benin.”

He participated as a resource person in the animation of several panels during national and international forats notably on “Thirty years after Alma Ata, what perspectives for primary health care”, “the contribution of results-based financing (RBF) to the provision of health care and services in Benin ”,“ the opportunity of decentralization for health financing and accountability in the health sector ”then finally“ The role of research in the development of policies in developing countries ”. He has been a consultant for several institutions involved in health, both public and private, in particular civil society organizations.

Professional Experience

  • HEALTH ZONE COORDINATOR MINISTRY OF THE ANTE POST IN KLOUEKANME THEN IN COMEEXPERIENCE HEALTH ZONE COORDINATOR MINISTRY OF THE ANTE POST IN KLOUEKANME THEN IN COME From 2011 to date Strengthening the accountability of local elected officials and communities vis-a - vis the management of their local health system in the municipalities of Kloue kanme , Toviklin and Lalo. Support for the municipalities of the municipalities of Kloue kanme , Toviklin, Lalo, Come , Bopa, Grand-Popo and Houe togbe in the preparation of contingency plans in the face of the risks of epidemics and disasters and municipal development plans. Establishment of a management team capable of effectively managing the challenges of the local Kloue kanme -Toviklin-Lalo health system in a context of multiple partners. Experience of the "KTL Ïnnovative Team" Strong experience in leading the bottom-up planning process in the health sector Strong experience in coordinating the response to epidemics and natural disasters in a district (haemorrhagic viral disease, Cholera, Coronavirus, flood, etc.) Strong experience in facilitating the process of drawing up three-year development plans for health zones in Benin. Responsible for implementing the contingency plan against covid-19 in the health zone of Come , Bopa, Grand-Popo, Houe yogbe u including at the Hilacondji border between Togo and Benin on the CORRÏDOR Abidjan-Lagos. Biannual evaluation experience of gender mainstreaming in health interventions of health zone management teams from Mono and Couffo departments in Benin with financial support from ENABEL. Pilot experience of setting up gender focal points in area management teams in the mono and Atlantic departments with the support of the PASSRELLE project through funding from the Canadian government.
  • DOCTOR SUPPORTING THE NATIONAL MALARIA CONTROL PROGRAM / MINISTRY OF HEALTH2010-2011 Coordination of interventions to fight against malaria in the departments of Mono and Couffo at the start of the adoption of the management of uncomplicated malaria by Artemisinin-based Combinations of Therapeutics (CTA) in the country's national policy Development of strategic and operational planning documents Development of training modules and facilitation of training sessions for health workers Monitoring of compliance with national protocols and guidelines for the management of malaria in Benin
  • HEAD OF THE MUNICIPALITY AND DEPARTMENT OF THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH: TOVIKLIN MUNICIPALITY AND APLAHOUE ZONE HOSPITAL IN THE COUFFO2004-2008 Ïmprovement of vaccination coverage in the municipality of Toviklin, which is home to the population most reluctant to vaccination in the country from 49% to 97% in one year Ïmprovement of the rate of use of services by the populations thanks to the development of the partnership with the representative layers and enjoying popular legitimacy (traditional practitioners, leaders of religious worship and teachers of primary schools and co-management bodies of health structures within the framework of strengthening community participation. Maintaining with paramedics the permanent availability of health care at the Aplahoue zone hospital which serves a population of over 350 inhabitants in a context of shortage of medical personnel
  • DOCTOR COORDINATOR OF THE PROJECT TO FIGHT AGAINST AIDS IN THE COUFFO IFAD NGO2001-2003 Coordination of the NGO's health interventions in the intervention communes Popularization of early voluntary screening in rural areas and demystification of the patient within the community Establishment and empowerment of an association of people living with HÏV / AÏDS in rural areas in a context of intense stigma Strengthening the establishment of community-based associations for the appropriation of the fight against HÏV / AÏDS, childhood diseases and the protection of AÏDS orphans Experience in analyzing the offer of health, water and education services according to gender in the partner communities of Plan Benin in the Couffo department. in Benin.

Publication Consulation

  • 2017 : Performance-Based Financing to Strengthen the Health System in Benin: Challenging the Mainstream Approach ; Co-plublication dans la revue ÏJHPM le 15 Avril 2017. Article original.
  • 2014 : First experience of a thematic working group at the operational level "case of the innovative team in the Kloue kanme -Toviklin-Lalo health zone". Capitalization article
  • Participation in the regional scientific workshop to share experiences on the level of integration of the management of NCDs according to the WHPEN at the operational level of health systems in the ECOWAS area in Accra in 2017. Regional workshop.
  • 2014 : Study of the process of integrating hypertension and diabetes into the minimum activity package in the Kloue kanme -Toviklin-Lalo health zone, article presented at the 17th day of health sciences in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso). Scientific communication.
  • 2009 : Analysis of the weight-for-age Z-score and mortality in children under 5 admitted for malnutrition in a CREN in Ouagadjougou (Burkina Faso). Master's thesis in public health.
  • 2000; Contribution to the immunological aspects of Burili ulcer in the commune of Lalo in Benin. Doctoral thesis in medicine.
  • Development of the 2010-2014 strategic plan for the Beninese Health NGO Network (ROBS). Consultation product.
  • Development of the 2009-2011 strategic plan of the NGO "OMEGA for Women and Children" Consultation product.
  • Development of the 2012-2015 strategic plan of the NGO "AGBEGNÏGAN Consultation product.

Center of Interest

  • Humanitarian and social works, environmental protection
  • President of the NGO "Ïnstitute for the Promotion of Health and the Environment" (ÏPSE NGO)
  • Reading

Language Skills