Vice President


  • Computer EngineeringFaculty of Computer Technology Department, Hacettepe University, Ankara, TURKEY (1985).
  • Mechanical EngineeringFaculty of Mechanical Engineering, Firat University, Elazig, TURKEY( 1981)

Professional Experience

  • Vice PresidentVice President of ATAFOM University International (Since 2021)
  • Vice PresidentVice President of Perfect Timing Holding (Since 2020)
  • OwnerABC Film Making and Marketing Limited Company (Since 2016)
  • AdvisorInvestment advisory of European and Turkish companies has been continued with the companies founded in Turkey (Since 2000).
  • Investment ConsultancyMade investment consultancy to European and Turkish companies (1994- 1999)
  • IT and Factory ManagerCoca-Cola, İstanbul, TURKEY (1990-1994).
  • FoundationFoundation as an IT of software and hardware, Ankara, Hacettepe University, TURKEY (1985).

Business Investment

  • Investment of Germany companies in Turkey and in the openings of Turkish companies to Germany market.
  • Knowledge with his own stories and scenarios to Theater and TV. TV and Theater won many works of art from him.


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Language Skills