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The Applicant as a Scholarship Holder requires a previously confirmed successful registration at the ATAFOM University International at the “Apply at ATAFOM”.

The ATAFOM University International cooperates with many international institutions, companies, organizations, states and people who support ATAFOM students mentally and financially in their studies.

The selection of Scholarship Holders is carried out by an independent selection committee based on individual and performance-oriented selection criteria in order to select them as fairly as possible. The result of this selection is presented to the Scholarship Sponsors for decision.

Grant conditions:

1) The tuition fees for the entire bachelor’s program excluding the required basic language training in the ATAFOM Language Academy, ALA – can be 100% funded by the scholarship provider. The registration fee and the semester examination fee as well as the certification fees of the language academy are not included in the financing;

2) The Scholarship Holders are determined by the Scholarship Donor;

3) The Scholarship Holders must meet the admission requirements;

4) The one-time registration fee has to be paid by the Scholarship Holder;

5) The semester examination fees are to be borne by the Scholarship Holder;

6) The bachelor’s degree is organized as a full-time study;

7) The language of study is 100% English;

8) The courses take place 100% ONLINE. There is NO face-to-face study;

9) The Scholarship Holder has to ensure stable internet access (if possible a DSL connection);

10) To use the ATAFOM Online Campus, the Scholarship Holder needs an internet-enabled device (PC or laptop are expressly recommended, tablet PC or smartphone are less suitable as mobile devices) and, if possible, a headset (headphones with a microphone);

11) The maximum duration of the Scholarship is based on the standard period of study of the chosen course.


Dear Scholarship Applicants,

We are pleased that you have decided to study at the ATAFOM University International.

Please fill out this application form.

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We look forward to counting you among our first students!