Terms & Conditions

Key terms for you to note

  • Requirement to pay a Registration Fee – this is the fee you pay to register with us
    for your first academic year. For some programmes, this may be included in a
    module/course fee as indicated on our website. 

  • Examination fees – there is a separate fee payable to sit an examination , such fees
    are not included in our costs set out on the website.

  • Fees for additional tuition and support through external providers – separate fees
    are payable where you are required or choose to study with external organisations.

  • Academic integrity – if you are found to have submitted work that is not your own,
    serious consequences may result, including exclusion from future assessments for
    awards of the University.

  • Non-payment of fees to the University – where you owe us money for programme
    fees, this may have serious consequences, including affecting your progress in your

  • Evidence of qualifications, references and other documentation – your
    qualification transcripts and certificates need to be submitted as part of your
    application. These must be verified as original documents. We may also require
    additional documentation for some programmes.

Please read everything carefully, as your agreement to the Terms and Conditions constitutes a formal contract with us.