Undergraduate Program

Faculty of Aviation



at the ATAFOM University International:

In recent years, civil aviation activities in the rapidly developing world and in almost every country, the importance of other transport sectors is increasing with each passing day. These rapid developments await the need for both cabin services and personnel with health training, which are vital elements of the civil aviation industry, and are of great importance for the training of young people who will pave the way for the development of the industry.

International organizations and major aircraft manufacturers predict in their estimation studies that the increase in passenger and freight transport, which has doubled every 15 years in the past, will continue at an annual average of 5% and the number of existing aircraft in the world will double in the next 20 years. The number of airline passengers, which was around 100 million in the 1950s, reached 1 billion in the 1970s and 3.5 billion today. In the last ten years, there has been an annual average increase of 5% in the world.

In the International Aviation Paramedic and Medical Flight Service, it is aimed to train young people who

Bachelor's Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts in International Aviation Paramedic and Medical Flight Service (B.A.)

  • are equipped with Cabin Services and Paramedic knowledge,
  • have a good command of English, prioritize aviation safety,
  • are ready for high-tech applications
  • are open to innovations
  • can constantly improve themselves
  • can adapt to existing systems in a short time, and
  • are creative and prone to teamwork.

In addition, it is possible for students to work in all institutions and organizations serving within the ministry of health at any time by taking all paramedic courses for employment in the health sector.

After the English preparatory class, it is possible to take all paramedic courses as well as all the courses taught in the cabin services department within the scope of the 4-year training program, basic aviation. English education continues throughout the undergraduate period, including aviation English.

Our trainings are supported by real practices, and our students are required to do internship for 40 days in the context of rapid adaptation to business life and success.

In the International Aviation Paramedic and Medical Flight Service, 1 academic year of English preparation is mandatory and the language of instruction is English.

Today, with this rapid growth in air transportation in the world in recent years, because of the entry of new airline companies into the market, the increase in the number of private sector airlines and fleet capacities and the increase in the number of airports accordingly, the continuation of additional and expansion studies to increase the capacities of existing airports, the need for qualified people in the aviation sector is increasing.

In order to overcome the deficit that holds an important place in human resources in the civil air transport, educating individuals equipped with knowledge and skills, our main goal is to meet the needs of specialists with analytical thinking and managerial skills.

Considering that the demand for the sector will increase in the coming years, it is obvious that student resources will be provided continuously.