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Politics is the creater of our past, present and future.

The shaping of social, happy, contented, successful and humane life depends on the politicians we choose ourselves.

If the elected politicians do not have a sufficiently qualified education, our present and future will be shaped accordingly.

The ATAFOM Faculty of Political Science would like the politicians and leaders of the future regardless of their origin, skin color, gender and religion through the internationally experienced, well-known, recognized professors and lecturers in the sense of the ATAFOM Philosophy of a limitless education according to the motto “Education for Integration” offer the best possible education.

The ATAFOM Staff will ensure that the political, legal, social and economic system of a state, the international relations of states or associations and the respective historical bases are described, explained, understood and supported by various examples – not least from their own experience . This also includes an extensive examination of the institutions, organizations and processes of political decision-making on the world political stage.

The following applies to all ATAFOM

Bachelor's degree programs:

  • 4 Years
  • 8 Semesters
  • 240 ECTS Points
  • Educational Language - English
Message from Dean Faculty of Political Science

Prof. Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba

Welcome to ATAFOM University’s new Faculty of Political Science, where students look first to begin their journeys in political science and government -related programs.

The Faculty of Political Science will create unusual opportunities for global students to serve in State Houses, Parliaments, NGOs and other related public policy sectors worldwide.

By choosing the ATAFOM Faculty of Political Science, you shall learn how governments work, formulate public policies, political processes, systems and behavior.

We shall concentrate on providing education that shows how people groups govern themselves and improve our government policies at local, state, national and international levels.

I am honored to lead this special faculty which enables me to share my own experiences as former Vice President of my country and as a former Ambassador to Canada and the Caribbean islands. I shall share my 25 years of political experience with our global students to enable them to find their paths into public service as diplomats, political scientists, political consultants, government officials or political analysts.

We welcome you to ATAFOM Faculty of Political Science.

Faculty of Political Science

ATAFOM Professors and Lecturers


Director ATAFOM Language Academy, Head of Info Office Nigeria
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Prof. Dr. Nevers Sekwila MUMBA

Dean Faculty of Political Science
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The first Bachelor’s degree program is planned for the Academic Year 2023/24.